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Product Warranty Information

SpecOp MFG products have always been designed and built to the higher standards demanded by the discriminating consumer. To clearly demonstrate that Spike's Tactical products offer world-class quality, SpecOp MFG offers a full lifetime warranty on all SpecOp MFG built products. The lifetime warranty will remain in full force and effect as long as SpecOp MFG is still in operation.

The lifetime warranty covers any manufacturing defects that may render the product unsafe, inoperable, out of spec, to include cosmetic defects from the factory. Cosmetic defects are only covered for the first 10 days from the original shipping date from SpecOp MFG. It is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect your order from SpecOp MFG and let us know immediately if there is an issue. Cosmetic issues occurring outside the 10-day window will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

"Please note that due to the day-to-day variations of anodizing black-dye tanks, a slight variation in the color black is normal and expected."

Should you find any of the above issues with your SpecOp MFG products we will repair or replace the product to meet SpecOp MFG Industry Standards. There is no need to cut any SpecOp MFG products into pieces should you find them to be out of spec. Although, we have been known to offer to replace products cut up by a specific customer, we find that a simple phone call is a more efficient way of resolving an issue.

Sales Tax, Shipping charges, and FFL fees are non refundable. If it is a SpecOp MFG mistake we will cover shipping and FFL fees. On Non-SpecOp MFG built products all warranties are through the original manufacturer only; no warranties are expressed or implied by SpecOp MFG. Prices do not include shipping and handling. New York residents add 8% sales tax.