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SpecOp Manufacturing

Our company tag line “Unfailing Precision” speaks to the quality of the parts we produce, and to the dedication to quality throughout the manufacturing process here at SpecOp. You can’t produce a precision product without precision engineering and precision manufacturing.  

We constantly test our skills and expertise while manufacturing the products we are proud to put our own name on. That means that when it comes time for us to put your name on a custom order, or private labeled part, we know we can deliver. 

SpecOp has the equipment and talented staff to ensure you custom orders are fulfilled to your satisfaction.  We use Haas machines to deliver precision product, and our trained staff has a combined total of over 60 years in the firearms industry. If you need a privately manufactured gun part, we can help. 


SpecOp manufactures both forged and billet AR-15 lower receivers, dedicated 9mm lower receivers, and .308 Upper and lower receivers. We also manufacture custom designed lower receivers for several clients, along with many other custom parts. Lowers, uppers, barrels, muzzle devices, buffers and various accessories.  If you don’t see what you are looking for on this list, don’t worry. We will work with you to produce exactly what you are looking for. Not only will SpecOp produce it, we will produce it with unfailing precision


Because we believe in helping small businesses succeed we are happy to manufacture in small lots that most manufacturers wouldn’t even consider.  SpecOp manufactures under variance with a minimum of 25 pieces per order in lots of 25. This allows even small custom gunshops to have their name and logo on the firearms they sell, thereby helping them build their own brand. Most manufacturers require a minimum of 250 (or more) per order at minimum.


We are well-versed in the ATF Variance process and handle all the paperwork for you. Once we get all your information we create the variance documentation for the BATFE. All you need to do is review it for correctness, sign it and send it back to us. We will submit it to BATFE for you. We make every attempt to turn around a variance request as quickly as possible. Upon receipt of your variance request document we will complete the BATFE paperwork and submit it to the BATFE for approval. Typically our response time internally is from one to three days once we get a completed request and your FFL.  We then email the Variance document to the BATFE and copy you so you have notification that it was sent. Once your variance document is submitted to the BATFE it can take up to 90 days for a response. However we have seen responses as quickly as 4 weeks.  This does not require you to order anything additional, but certainly saves time in the future should you choose to.


Would you like to have a 5.56mm lower receiver today, but aren’t ready to build a .308 or 9mm yet? You can still add a .308 or 9mm model to the same variance at no additional charge. Just include a second copy of the variance request form with the additional model information and we will add it to the same variance for no additional charge.   


SpecOp has a standard one-time $200.00 Setup fee, which includes setting up your artwork, filing your variance documents, and creating up to 3 engraving proofs.  One of the biggest concerns in buying a customized logoed product is how it will look when it is finished. At SpecOp we eliminate that concern by sending you a proof – Not a paper proof, an aluminum engraved proof. This way you can see and feel your logo just as it will appear on the finished product. We mail you an aluminum proof on a 1.5” X 2 “ aluminum block for your approval prior to production. Don’t love it the way you thought you would? Try again with a slightly different version. Once you’re happy, your signature on the sample block becomes your approval of the engraved image. Additional changes / Proofs are only $25.00 each.  Proof process is not required for pick up art or re-orders.

Payment terms are simple. Payment of the artwork fee is due with the variance request. Once the variance and artwork are approved, and you’re ready to order a 50% deposit is due with your order. Once we have completed your order and it is ready to ship the remaining balance is due. 

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